Our mission

Hiring exceptional talent has evolved and it's no secret the best studios have the best people.

We believe that competing for great talent requires sustainable hiring models to attract diverse and skilled minds who align with your core mission.

Those same people deserve expert support when their career is at stake. That’s where Studiotypes comes in.

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We're changing the way teams think about hiring talent.

Campaign Mode

This is our focused, contingent mode of Recruitment.

We support studios to plug gaps in specific areas, with a direct engagement on key hires.

Open world hiring

No team or studio is the same. Creating an art form like games requires dynamic and adaptable people, who can be consistently creative, yet flexible to move in different directions.

We offer hybrid solutions to the studios we partner with, offering a functional setup for talent on-demand as you need it, or by embedding ourselves into your team when you require more from your talent function. This is modular talent-as-a-service at its best.

Coop Mode

You get embedded recruiters, with our team’s undivided attention on your talent and studio content.

Let’s define your values, share your story and build your team. We are your team.



Studiotypes has been essential in helping our team at Compulsion Games grow in size over the past few years. They are extremely professional and devoted to sourcing quality candidates, while always taking the time to properly understand the needs of our team. We consider them to be an extension of our own HR team, as we have developed a solid partnership and they have always been a pleasure to work with.

Michael Chan

Head of People & Operations

Principles matter

We are REAL:

We’ll always be ourselves and we say what we think. Take it or leave it.


We work to play and we play what you make.


We know people. They know people. Those people might need our people.


We  are committed to diversity, accessibility and inclusivity, for all.


White collar, blue collar, what collar? No workforce stereotypes here.

We're straight-talking, transparent and we back ourselves in the comprehensive work that we do.

Always ethically-driven and true. Never compromising on what we stand for.

Real talk

Games & Stress Awareness Month

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room: the wave of layoffs that have hit the industry like a ton of bricks. It’s been rough. Thousands of talented individuals have found themselves out of a job, studios have been shuttered, and projects have been left hanging in the balance.

Now, let’s talk about the elephant’s emotional baggage: the toll these layoffs take on mental health. It’s no secret that losing your job can send your stress levels through the roof and leave you feeling like you’re adrift in a sea of uncertainty.

Read More

Men's Health - food for healthy thought

Many things come to mind when the word health enters a discussion — more so the physical kind, but what of mental health?
Nic Simoes

Social Media Manager

Read on Medium

I'm a Recruiter in the Games industry, but I'm not a Gamer.

I have a different reason for being here, and I think it’s pretty good!
Jess Galvin

Principal Recruiter

Hyper exposure: the root of everything different?

what do I mean by hyper exposure?

Well, it has to do with a post I made on LinkedIn 2 weeks ago. My digging into hyper exposure in games started when Playground Games released Forza Horizon 5 on the 5th of November.

Victoria Siniklyiski

Studio Recruiter

My 2020 in Games

It’s been a difficult year for everyone...

Here are some of the highlights of the games that kept me company during the last year, and it’s safe to say they probably kept me sane. I genuinely have no idea how people who don’t play games at all managed to keep sane!

Tom Pelini

Principal Recruiter

Soundscapes of our Half-Lives

The Music and Sounds behind some of the videogames I love

Some say music precedes us entirely as a species; that it’s not an artefact but that it exists in nature itself, with its language and noises. We have given it a name and shaped it the way we know it now, in all its complexities and nuances, but it was already there.

Tom Pelini

Principal Recruiter

Flexa® Careers

We've been Flexified, again!

For the 2nd year in a row, the amazing team at Flexa® Careers have officially certified Studiotypes as one of the most flexible company to work for in HR & Tech Recruiting.